Year End News From Bruce Cox

Happy New Year Fly Tiers,
Came across this article from Fly Tyer Magazine on tying with Biots and thought right away this is the kind of info tiers need. It is one of the best how to’s on biots I have seen with detail in the photos that is very hard to put into words. Enjoy and tie on.

THROWBACK: Biot School

Hope all had a great year fishing. I just finished up a spectacular fall mostly fishing in up state NY trips for Kings, Steelhead and big Browns. Just a great time and with a great bunch of people. Several folks from the tying classes were on the stream and it was really exciting seeing them battle with the big ones.
I didn’t do much brookie fishing this fall but had a chance to hit a couple of my favorites in the Laurel Highlands. There’s something about those little natives survivors that still takes my breath away.
The Erie trip trips were tough. Low water and spooky fish. It amazes me the difference between fishing the Erie trips and the Lake Ontario ones. Guess that is fly fishing and why I love it.
My spring/early summer fishing in Central Pa. was just like in the books or videos describe it. We’re really fortunate to live so near to trout nirvana. That area to me is like a big class room with those great stream as my professors and like Joe Humphrey’s says, “There’s always something new to learn in this game”. Gratefully Im still learning.
With the serious winter upon us I like to think of it positively as Fly Tying season. We will be having classes again at the shop and not scheduled Im sure the Saturday demo’s will be going on thru February.
Im looking forward to going to the big Fly Fishing show at the end of January in New Jersey for the weekend and OD’ing out on our addiction and of course the Cabin Fever event.
I have been invited to speak at the Penns Woods TU chapter in March. The plan is to share what I have learned on Dry Fly fishing concentrating on the fishing perspective and what makes up what most consider their most fun side of fly fishing. From the simplicity of having the fly float on the waters surface; to complexities of reading water, rise forms, casting strokes to leader and tippet turn over; the top water game is not in the spot light as it once was in our sport. It will be fun and in the process I hope to learn a few new things myself laying it out.
Everyone’s is invited and I look forward to seeing “yenz” all at the shop or the events.
Tight Lines
Bruce Cox
Fly Tying Instructor
International Angler