Winter events

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January 11-FF101   5:30pm     FREE
You might have heard that fly fishing is just for trout but nothing could be further from the truth. You can catch sunfish on a farm pond with fly tackle. You can catch bass and pike. You can even use a fly rod in salt water for fish like striped bass, bonefish, and even huge gamefish like tuna and marlin. It just takes a little adjustment to your tackle.

You might have also heard that fly fishing is expensive and complicated. Let’s see just how simple it can be. In this class you’ll learn how fly and spin fishing differ, how to make the basic overhead cast and a roll cast, a little about the history of fly fishing. You’ll learn the two basic knots you will use every time you go fly fishing. You’ll also learn about the bare essentials you need to get started in this fun and addictive sport.

This is free mini class held at the store. Must pre register.

January 14-Fly Tying 101 Free
You’ve always wanted to learn to tie your own flies but just couldn’t find the time. Now you can get a free two-hour introductory lesson at our store, with expert instruction and all tools / materials supplied. Fly tying requires no special skills-anyone can learn it, and with a few hours of practice each week you’ll be cranking out terrific flies by spring.
Must sign up for this free course.
January 17-Beginner Fly Tying Course with Bruce Cox
Course $75.00 fee (kids 16 and under FREE with paying adult)
6 week course, starts 6:30pm
Students required to bring vise and tools
Bruce Cox-instructor

Renzetti Traveler
Fly Tying Vice $169.95
A classic, updated and improved. A 7″-stem to give your bobbin more room to work. This sleek rotary vise weighs just 8 oz., but its lightweight portability doesn’t mean sacrificing performance.

Orvis Fly-Tying Kit
Learn to tie the classics with this comprehensive Orvis Premium Fly-Tying Kit. Materials for 16 patterns, 10 flies each, for a total of 160 flies. 8 basic patterns and 8 guide-proven premium patterns. Comes with instructional DVD.

Loon Ergo Bobbin $19.95
An ergonomic and high-performing update to the indispensible tying tool.

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