Winter 2017 events

January 21
Jake Villwock
10:30 Demo – Smallmouth of Eastern PA (Free)
1:00 Fly Tying – Tying Jake’s Signature Flies ($35)
Growing up on the Chesapeake Bay with a father who was a commercial fisherman, the love of fishing is in his genes.  After graduating from High Point University with a degree in entrepreneurship with a concentration in economics, he moved to Alaska and worked as a fly fishing guide for two years while mushing dogs over the winter months.  Currently, Jake works at TCO Fly Shop in Boiling Springs store as assistant manager and Head Guide.
Combined with his two seasons in Alaska, he has been a licensed fly fishing guide for roughly a decade now. In the winter months, he travels to do presentations and fly tying demos along the east.
He has multiple fly patterns that have been accepted into the Orvis line up. Many of his flies have been published in books and magazines, the most recent being his Over Easy Sculpin in Eastern Fly Fishing.
Jake’s current guide repertoire consists of smallmouth bass, musky and trout of southeast pa. He specializes in both single day and overnight float trips for smallmouth bass. He has spent countless days fishing gin clear spring creeks and loves to share the sight fishing and stealthy approach it takes to be successful. Jake puts around 200 days a year on the water. One of his guilty pleasures is pike on the fly.
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Flies Jake will Tie:
Over Easy Sculpin 
The Roamer 
January 28
Tim Cammisa
10:30 Demo – Fishing and Tying Emerger Patterns (Free)
1:00 Fly Tying – Tying Emerger Patterns For Difficult Trout ($35)
^Fly Tying Limited to 6 Students
During this demonstration, we will discuss the various life cycles of mayflies and caddisflies, concentrating on their emergence and why this brings success to fly fishermen.  Nuances of both insects will be discussed, as will that connection to tying and selecting effective flies to fool wary trout.
Fly Tying Class: We will be tying five emerger patterns that will represent various mayflies and caddisflies during the emerger stage, concentrating on the characteristics that make them vulnerable to trout.  Each tyer will receive individual baggies with enough materials and hooks for the flies.  For my class, they will need their vise, bobbins with dark and light threads, scissors, and a dubbing loop tool if they have one.
February 4
Mike Engelhardt and Jarret Kasan
10:30 Demo – Fishing opportunities along the
 Youghiogheny River (Free)
1:00 Demo – Summer tactics for targeting smallmouth
 bass with a fly ($35)
It’s no secret that Pennsylvania is home to some of the best fly fishing on the east coast. While many local anglers travel several hours to fish the rightfully well known waters of Central PA, they are often overlooking a very good option that is practically right in their back yard – the Youghiogheny River!
Laurel Highlands Guide Services fishing guides Mike Engelhardt and Jarret Kasan have been wade and float fishing the river for over 30 years between the two of them, and have a wide range of experience targeting the trout, smallmouth bass, musky, and other fish that call the river home. Let them fill you in on the great fly fishing options that exist close to the Pittsburgh area that may not only save you a bit of gas money, but may also help you put a few impressive fish in the net this season!
This program will consist of two sessions: The first will discuss the fishing opportunities along the entire length of the Yough in Pennsylvania. Mike and Jarret will provide a seasonal view of the fishing opportunities, and also discuss some common tactics they use to put fish in the net.
The second session will be a crash course in summer tactics for targeting smallmouth bass with a fly. Over their years fishing and guiding for smallmouth, Mike and Jarret have fine-tuned their approach to targeting bass, and have learned what it takes to it find, pattern, and catch quality smallmouth on the fly using a number of well known, and some not so well known techniques. Come spend a winter afternoon learning all you need to know to take your summer smallmouth fishing to the next level!
 All paid classes must be preregistered and prepaid.