Winter 2016 events

Winter events with International Angler
We have lots of Fly Fishing and Fly Tying events in the next few months to get you ready for the season. If you have any questions or want to register for an event please call 412-788-8088 or email
January 16, 10:30am
Fly Fishing 101 – FREE
(space limited, register today)
January 19, 6:30pm
IA Beginner Fly Tying Course  with Bruce Cox,
$75.00 fee.
January 23, 10:30am
“Back To Basics-A New Look at Old Techniques”
Tying Demonstration by Kieran Frye,  also at 1:00pm Kieran will offer a tying class on the program, $30.00 fee.
Back to Basics – A new look at old techniques. It will encompass use of techniques and materials for wings, legs, bodies, ribbings, thread techniques etc. should be interesting.

Kieran Frye is an avid fly fisher and master fly tier. Kieran has been tying flies since 1981 and teaches to people eager to learn to tie a fly. Kieran Frye is an award winner including the1994 Mustad Scandinavian Open held in Oslo, Norway, as well as other awards throughout the U.S.A.. His flies and patterns are coveted among anglers. He is a member of the Whiting Fly Tying feather ProTeam.

January 25, 6:00pm
“Fishing the South Holston River”Slideshow by John Hooper
January 30, 10:30am
“Dry Flies-Classic to CDC”
 Tying Demo by Bruce Cox
1:00pm  “Dry Flies-Classic to CDC” Tying class with Bruce, $30.00 fee.
Dry Flys….Classic to CDC
When asked what is the favorite type of fly fishing most anglers will say Dry Fly fishing. The demo will go over practical, effective Mayfly and Caddis dry fly patterns, types and techniques used on Pennsylvania streams and beyond. Classic Catskill, Hair Wings, Parachutes and CDC patterns will be demonstrated including tips on their presentation and uses during hatch situations. Also covered will be Attractor patterns used in the relative new Dry/Dropper fishing methods.

Bruce is the long time student of the Pennsylvania school of flyfishing and famed local fly tier, Rudi Mion. He has been our (International Angler) fly tying class instructor for many years and is a regular presenter/contributor for local clubs and newspapers. Besides tying, since retiring, he spends the Central Pa “Hatch Season” in his camper on the Little Juanita. When asked how long he is on the steam he will not give dates but answer, “From Grannom to Slate Drake”. His demo will be informative, particularly for the newer flyfisher desiring to learn the dry fly and for the experienced who is interested in adding Bruce’s stream learned fine points to their fly fishing arsenal.

February 6, 10:30am
Outcast Anglers, Lance Wilt
 “PA Trout Fishing”
1:00pm – Take Lance’s exclusive class, $35.00 fee.

This year’s presentation will be all encompassing and touch on dry flies, nymphing, wet fly, and streamer fishing. All relative to our area.

There will be a short video followed by a slideshow.

Lance was born and raised on the banks of Big Fishing Creek near the town of Lamar, PA. He has logged thousands of days on the water as a professional fly fishing guide in Pennsylvania, Southwest Montana, and Northern Arkansas. He served as the Head Coach of the 2011 United States Youth Fly Fishing Team-the country’s first Gold Medal in international fly fishing competition. Lance’s articles and photographs frequent many major fly fishing magazines. He is a Pro-Staff member for Thomas and Thomas Fly Rods, Towee Boats, and 3-Tand Reels.

February 13, 10:30am
“Smallmouth Bass Flies”
by Scott Loughner
1:00pm – Learn to tie Smallmouth Bass Flies with Scott, $30.00fee

February 20, 10:30am
 Josh Miller, Program TBA.
February 27, 10:30am
“Musky Flies” with Tim Zietak
1:00pm – Musky Fly tying class with Tim, $30.00 fee.

February 28, 3:00pm
2016 Fly Fishing Film Tour, advance tickets $15.00
($20.00 at the door)
March 12, 9:00am
Streamer Class with George Daniel, $35.00 fee.
10:30am – Streamer Demo by George Daniel, FREE

March 12 1:00pm
Women’s FF101
with Amidea Daniel, FREE