Join Mike Engelhardt and Jarret Kasan of  Laurel Highlands Guide Services             

On a presentation and discussion of fishing for Bass, Musky,Carp and other warm water species with the fly rod in our local rivers and lakes.

Mike Engelhardt
Background Info :
After catching his first smallmouth bass (from the Yough, no less) at a young age, Mike realized that he enjoyed fishing a little more than the average person.While he spent his younger years gaining an understanding of conventional fishing, Mike’s obsession really kicked into high gear when he picked up his first fly rod. Since that fateful day nearly 15 years ago, Mike has developed an intimate understanding of the wide range of fishing options that southwest PA offers to the fly angler, and spent a considerable amount of time passing his knowledge on to other anglers through guiding and teaching classes for local clubs.Mike has a degree in Fisheries Biology and is an obsessive fly tyer. During a day on the water he can not only teach you what the fish are eating, but why they are eating it, and how to best imitate it. He loves all kinds of fishing, but warmwater fishing for smallmouth bass, carp, and musky out of his drift boat is his favorite way to spend a day on the water.

Mike is certified to administer first aid and CPR, and is a licensed PA guide.


Jarret Kasan

Background Info :

Jarret grew up in the Pittsburgh area learning to fish for largemouth bass and panfish. After learning how to fly fish, Jarret spent many years chasing trout and steelhead. For the past number of years, Jarret tapped into his bait dunking years and started fly fishing for bass, carp and various other warmwater species. He enjoys all types of fishing styles and can assist you in fishing for any species you wish to pursue. Basically, he likes throwing midges to rising trout and streamers for smallmouth bass. However, his real love is fishing for smallmouth bass. What could be better than fishing in shorts and a t-shirt, catching aggressive, high jumping fish that fight like an angry bull-dog and eat poppers and surface flies? Nothing at all. Additionally, Jarret believes that a day on the water with him includes working on and fine tuning fly-casting skills and fly fishing mechanics. That way, you will have a good day fishing and become a better angler as well.