Top 10 Reasons Why Spring Rocks!!!

Many will tell you that the only sure thing is death and taxes.  While those both qualify, I beg to differ that they are the only sure things in life…. Someone in a minivan driving 59 mph in the passing lane, the woman in front of you at the grocery store with the stack of coupons waiting till everything is done to begin searching her purse for her checkbook, leaving for a trip and forgetting the one piece of gear that you kept reminding yourself not to forget, feeling the call of nature as soon as you suit up your waders and take a step in the water regardless of how many times you have gone already, and of course the one thing that we can all count on is listening to people complain about the weather regardless of how hot or cold it may be.

Well after listening to the masses cry out in piercing agony over the polar vortex I started to think about all of the things about spring that I truly love.  (Yes folks, I am virtually willing it to happen even if winter is hanging on like grim death)

10. You finally get to play with the cool gear that your family bought you over the holidays


9. You finally get to play with the cool gear that you have been hiding from your wife since the holidays


8. Pike and Musky are in the shallows

50 inch pike

7. Tarpon are on the move

IMG_0538 - Copy

6. You can make a cast without having to press the ice out of your guides every 5 minutes

5. You get to do recon and figure out all of the ways that your favorite river has changed over the winter


4. All of the hours at the vise this winter finally get to hit the water


3. The trip that you have been dreaming of for months is right around the corner


2. It’s not dark when you wake up and when you get off of work


1.  strip… strip… strip… strip…. BOOM!  fish on….


It’s time folks, let’s get out and make it happen.

Tight Lines and Loose Pants,