Saturday, February 3, 8:30 AM Lance Wilt of Outcast Anglers

Saturday, February 3, 8:30 AM
Lance Wilt of Outcast Anglers

Skinny Water Solutions – Tactics and presentations to dial in your low water game.
Like it or not, many of our favorite rivers and streams can become ‘thin’ in any time of the year. If you’re a working man, you don’t have the luxury to plan an outing around ideal fishing conditions. Valuable time on the water is planned around family and work obligations and unfortunately, low water conditions can be unforgiving – leaving you wondering why you wasted your time. (After all, the grass needed cut.)
This hour and half presentation is built around a guide’s perspective and approach to targeting wild trout in low water conditions on pressured streams. Participants in this workshop will gain an understanding of the low water game and the tactics/techniques necessary to consistently locate, target, and catch fish under challenging conditions. A brief slide show presentation will be followed by an instructional video, leader construction, and hands-on demonstrations showing appropriate rigging and fly selection.
Don’t fear low water on your next outing. Embrace the opportunity to expand your angling repertoire and in turn, maximize those precious moments on the water.
This is a private class that is $30.00 per person prepay until 2/2/2018 and $40.00 at the door. From 8:30 am to 10:00 am.
Sign up now, limited seating.
Lance will present a brief free slide show @ 11:00 am free to all.
Hatch Fishing Demystified – 5 Tips/Tricks that will alleviate hatch fishing frustration.

Event is at International Angler