March 3, Michael Graybrook Book Signing “Cutthroat: A Journey Through the American West”

A great new book by long time customer Michael Graybrook. Mike will give a slide show and talk about his book.






John Gierach begins his foreword to Michael Graybrook’s Cutthroat with a question:

“Why would an otherwise well-adjusted Pennsylvania fisherman and architect not only become fascinated by the native cutthroat trout of the American West, but spend years researching, locating, catching, photographing and releasing pure-strain examples of the twelve subspecies that still exist?”

The answer—if one really exists—unfolds through Graybrook’s fascinating accounts of his travels to seek out each subspecies of cutthroat in its native waters and to create miraculously detailed underwater photographic portraits of each type of trout.

Cutthroat begins with an introduction about the “quest,” his methods, and a brief primer about trout biology and ongoing conservation efforts to preserve these unique American fish. Main chapters arranged by each of the cutthroat subspecies, twelve in all, include stunning habitat shots and multiple large reproductions of Graybrook’s photographs of the fish. Along the way he encounters wildfires, grizzly bears, rattlesnakes, curious state troopers, lightning storms, flood, oppressive heat, frigid nights, bad food, and impossible roads. He is rewarded with magical solitude, breathtaking natural beauty, and after twenty years of traveling, a collection of some of the most strikingly beautiful natural history images ever captured on film.

Graybrook has created a new classic for anglers or anyone who appreciates the majesty of the American West and its native wildlife.