Laurel Highlands Guide Services fishing guides Mike Engelhardt and Jarret Kasan February 24






8:30AM to 10:00AM – Fly Tying Demo – Favorite trout flies for the Youghiogheny River ($35)

1:00PM to 2:00PM -Fishing opportunities along the Youghiogheny River (Free)


It’s no secret that Pennsylvania is home to some of the best fly fishing on the east coast. While many local anglers travel several hours to fish the rightfully well known waters of Central PA, they are often overlooking a very good option that is practically right in their back yard – the Youghiogheny River!

Laurel Highlands Guide Services fishing guides Mike Engelhardt and Jarret Kasan have been wade and float fishing the river for over 30 years between the two of them, and have a wide range of experience targeting the trout, smallmouth bass, musky, and other fish that call the river home. Let them fill you in on the great fly fishing options that exist close to the Pittsburgh area that may not only save you a bit of gas money, but may also help you put a few impressive fish in the net this season!

The first session will be a fly tying demo where Mike and Jarret will discuss how to tie and fish a few of their favorite streamers and nymphs that they use to target trout on the Yough. Tying tips, gear preferences, rigging, and tactics will be discussed that will help give you some added confidence and increase your success when you fish the big water (or anywhere else for that matter).”

This second session will discuss the fishing opportunities along the entire length of the Yough in Pennsylvania. Mike and Jarret will provide a seasonal view of the fishing opportunities, and also discuss some common tactics they use to put fish in the net.

Event is at International Angler