International Angler and the Big Horn River

Wading the Bighorn river
After bay dam
The boat launch at after bay
Just another 17 inch brown
20130720_141710 (1)
Bighorn brown selfie.
Working with the guide

The Bighorn River – Trout Disneyland

This trip and river has been very good to our customers for the past 20 years. The Bighorn River below Yellow Tail Dam and down river for 20 miles is a trout wonderland. The Bighorn offers more trout per mile than any other river on earth. The great thing about this river is you can catch trout any way you like, just tell your guide.  The guides know the best way to catch the most and the largest fish, but if this is not your game, you can ask to fish your way.

I prefer  to fish out of the boat, wading and fishing dry flies and sight nymphing to larger fish in fast shallow water or blind nymphing while wading. Others want to chuck streamers for larger trout. Most wisely take the guide’s advice and mix it all up for a great day of fishing.

This year, we are running our trips with Bighorn Angler. We have had many good trips with this outfitter and this year, we hope for more of the same great fishing that the Bighorn is known for.

Your trip to to the Bighorn River:

Meet your host at the baggage/car rental area in the Billings, MT airport. Our host and driver of the rental van will then make a stop in town for some shopping.  Beer and wine  are the most popular items as our destination is a dry town. Other wise choices are fresh fruit and snacks.

Then your host will drive your gang to Fort Smith, MT. It is about a hour and a half drive; you may see antelope along the highway, but not much else. Once off the highway, you will see miles and miles of farming and we are always on the look out for cows on the road.

Welcome to Fort Smith:  a water tower, a trailer park, a few houses and  fly fishing shops. We get our fishing licences and are welcomed to our lodging where we settle in and enjoy the company, and then set off to dinner.

The next 3 days consist of an early breakfast and a long day of guided fishing where the guides have your lunch. Then, you’re brought back to lodging at the end of your amazing day on the Bighorn River and our host takes you to dinner.

Last day, we get breakfast and drive back to the airport . I hate this day and always want to stay longer.

Join us in 2014!

The Bighorn River is arguably the best trout fishing river in the US. Each summer, we host at least 3 trips. This year, our schedule puts us there during the PMD hatch; black caddis, midges, and grasshoppers are plentiful for dry-fly fishing. And the nymph fishing is always spectacular between the surface activity.
Trip details:
Dates: July 23 to 27, 2014
August 2 to 6, 2014
August 13 to 17, 2014
(The last one is reserved for ladies and couples)
Package:  4 nights lodging/3 days guided fishing
Cost:   $1,500.00 per person, double occupancy
Included:  Lodging, guided fishing, meals and airport shuttle
Not included: Airfare, gratuities, alcohol, and fishing license
Terms:  50% deposit to hold a spot, balance due by June 15
Due to the popularity and consistency of this trip, it fills up quickly.
Call today for availability: 412.788.8088.