If you…….. You Just Might be a Fishy Dude/Dudet

In the spirit of Jeff Foxworthy’s “You Just Might Be a Redneck” I was thinking about things that make you “Fishy”.   By no means is this the be all end all list but it was what was percolating in my brain.

If you……..

  • Adorn everything from your car to your  boxes with stickers from your favorite gear brands
  • Have more pictures of fish than family in your iPhoto library
  • Open your Facebook feed and find links to 10 fly fishing blogs ahead of what your brother did for the weekend
  • Listen to every word of the Orvis Fly Fishing Guide podcast on setting up your nymph rig even though you already know how
  • Drive to your local shop just to pick up the new issue of The Drake because it is the only print rag that super fishy dudes/dudets read
  • Totally groove on all things non-mainstream like Southern Culture on the Fly, Gink and Gasoline, etc…
  • Feel like your yin/yang is out of balance if you find a mass produced fly in your box
  • Are OK with the monetary value of the box of fly fishing gear in the back of your truck begin to a approach or has already eclipsed the value of said truck
  • have reconciled in your head that a $500 pair of waders not only is justified, but is pretty much a damn necessity
  • Stare lovingly at your Yeti knowing that not only is it wildly stronger, but it also keeps ice longer
  • Have Catching a musky and a permit on the fly embarrassingly high on your bucket list
  • Sit in front of the TV and not only organize all of your fly boxes by color, size, and species, but also make sure that you have mashed down all of your barbs and sharpened your hook to surgical sharpness
  • Give all of your “ugly” flies to someone who you know needs them despite the knowledge that the fish could care less how neatly you have finished the heads (but it means everything to you)
  • Think good fish porn is better than porn porn
  • Sit on the beach on your “family vacation” staring at the waves knowing that there are fish working the surf as you grind your teeth together asking yourself why your two hander and stripping basket is sitting in your basement




Tight Lines and Loose Pants,