Fly Tying Tools – Basics

1. Vice

  • Holds hook in place
  • Basic types

– 1. Basic Clamp/Cam Jaw (Thompson A)

– 2.  Spring Jaw (Regal)

– 3. Rotary vice (not all are true rotary)

2. Bobbin

  • Holds Thread Spool
  • Probably the most important tool.           HELPS CONTROL THREAD DIRECTLY
  • Different types some have ceramic tubes or inserts to keep from wearing (worn bobbin can cut thread)


3. Half Hitch Tool – used to make half hitches on hook to secure thread (keep from unraveling). The fly head will need to be treated with head cement


4. Whip Finish Tool – used to secure the thread at head of fly. The Extended Whip Finisher is used to      whip a fly off at rear of the hook instead of the head. (example: used for Zonker Streamers)


5. Scissors – Used to prepare and trim materials of the fly. Blades come in lengths, point styles, straight or curved, blades serrated or non-serrated.  Best to have a cheap pair for rough cutting and a fine pair for actual material trimming on hook.


6. Hackle Pliers – used to ease the grabbing hackle (feathers used to wrap around hooks in fly creation)


7. Hair Stacker – used to align the tips (natural ends) of various animal hair used primiarly in wings of flies.  These come in various sizes.