Fishery Management Goes Far Past the “Fishery”

I must admit that I paused for a moment prior to writing this.  I often enjoy stirring the pot but have been known to have it boil over  upon occasion.  Allow me to say this up front.  There is nothing wrong with eating the occasional fish.   Many people do and do so responsibly.  Fish have been part of the food chain for as long as man ventured into the water.

As sad as it is, the truth of life today is that the wants of our population truly outpace any species ability to hold up under the pressure we place upon it.  Our wild salmon and  steelhead fisheries are wilting.  A few decades ago we almost drove striped bass and redfish to the brink of extinction.  At our core, we are an irresponsible and greedy society.   Why be satisfied with what you have when you can get more?

Last week I was on a business trip in Atlanta and we were taken out to a popular restaurant for a group dinner.  When the menu was placed before me, it hit me right between the eyes…  Atlantic Salmon…. Redfish…. Damn!


Let’s be honest about it, none of us as individual will ever change the nature of Western society.  I am not out to solve the worlds problems or even exit society into seclusion holed up in a cabin in the hills.  But I figure as long as I am here, have a voice, and can still figure out right from wrong I might as well speak my mind.  Next time you are in a restaurant, please don’t order game fish off of the menu!  If we stop eating Atlantic Salmon, Redfish, Striped Bass, etc… Restaurants will stop buying it from distributors… Distributors reduce orders from commercial fleets… etc…

I am under no illusion that this is an uphill battle, but lets all do our part from the fly fishing community.  Support your conservation causes, get involved with lobbying for tighter harvesting regulations, practice catch and release, and stop eating game fish from restaurant menus!

Wow…. I better hop down off of this soap box before I get dizzy and fall.

Tight Lines and Loose Pants,