Fish Like a Girl….. So Try and Keep Up Boys!

The landscape has changed folks.  If you are one of those guys who still models gender roles by watching Andy Griffith reruns then you may want to hang your waders up and find a different hobby.  Newsflash!  Women can fish and many fish well….. really well!  Andy why not?  Ask any guide who has ever guided a couple and they will tell you that typically the woman takes direction better, is more patient, and has a more delicate touch when necessary.

The truth is, women have been fly fishing for a long time.  Joan Wulff, the first lady of fly fishing was throwing loops in 1937.  Cathy Beck has traveled the world with a fly rod and a camera doing both with impressive results.  Experienced female guides now dot the landscape of a historically male dominated profession with regularity.  Names like Camille Egdorf, Beckie Clarke, Nancy Morris Lyon, and of course April Vokey have exploded out of the background and into the forefront of youtube and many of our fly fishing film festivals.  This year The New FlyFisher TV Series also added Rebekka Red as an on air host.  If you think that these women are models who got paid to hold a fly rod and smile pretty, think again.  We are talking serious time on the water and serious fishing.  The three videos linked below currently have close to 400,000 collective views between them.

So what does all this mean other than that you may need to be a bit more discreet about how you adjust yourself in your waders?  It means that fly fishing is finally broadening its appeal.  I have nothing against old rich guys in tweed and wool chasing native brookies, but if we want our sport, our passion, to flourish, then things must evolve and it is long past due.  I for one welcome the change.

Many companies are coming out with gear tailored towards women.  In the past this meant a mans extra small in pink fabric.  Now gear is being cut for a woman’s build but with the same high end functionality of the mens lines.  Companies like Orvis (, and Simms ( have been on the forefront over the past several years.  We even have organizations like Casting For Recovery  ( which uses fly fishing as therapy to help breast cancer survivors to get the back on track and enrich their lives.

Unlike golf (women’s tee vs men’s tee) fly fishing requires no handicap.  The river, flat, and lake is an equally cruel mistress/master to us all.  At International Angler, we have several women’s events coming up so if you are a women reading this, come on out!  If you are a man, please share this post on Facebook, or pass the link along to a woman that you think might enjoy learning about our great sport.

International Angler 2014 Women’s Programs Thursday April 10, 2014 – SIMMS Ladies Day

Join SIMMS rep Justin Sterner for a ladies only product demonstration. Justin will be presenting and demonstrating entire line of SIMMS ladies apparel and fly fishing equipment. This event will start at 5pm and run till 9pm with wine and cheese being served throughout the event.  Special pricing will be offered for orders placed during the program.

Sunday May 4, 2014 – Women’s Fly Fishing School

The International Angler will be hosting a women’s only fly fishing school which will take the student from beginning to end of an introduction to fly fishing. This school will start at 8:00am at the Yellow Creek Trout Club in Indiana PA (

A fly rod and reel will be provided by International Angler if needed. Lunch and beverages will be included. Students will need to bring waders, rain jacket, and your 2014 Pennsylvania Fishing License. Cost $225.00 each.

Directions to the Yellow Creek Trout:

From Pittsburgh

Take Route 376 East to Monroeville. Follow Monroeville Route 22 East, then Route 22 East to Blairsville. At Blairsville take the Indiana Route 119 North Exit. At the bottom of the ramp turn left and follow 119 North approximately 8 miles until you reach the intersection of 119 North and Route 56 East in Homer City. At this point, refer to the map below.

From Kittaning

Take Route 422 East to Indiana. Follow the 422 East bypass around Indiana. Continue on 422 approximately 5 miles. Bear right onto the South Sixth Street Exit. At the end of the ramp, turn right onto Route 954 South until you reach Route 56 East. At this point, refer to the map below.

GPS Coordinates Use the coordinates below to locate Yellow Creek Trout Club via GPS.     N 40.57428     W 079.06052

Tight Lines and Loose Pants,