Fewer False Casts? Indeed!

The guys at Gink & Gasoline touched on a topic that I have in my head often.  I remember fishing with my friend Jeff and he kept telling me that I couldn’t catch fish if my line wasn’t in the water.  I have kept that mantra with me not only with respect to how quickly I rig but how I approach the cast.  Fly casting can be pretty (or not at all) but there are no fish swimming 40′ behind your head and 18′ above the water.

Shooting line on your back cast is a sure fire way to improve a bunch of things the least of which is helping you keep your line in the water rather than in the air!


Next time you are practicing your cast, try and reduce your false casts by 1 at the same target distance and see how low you can go.  You’ll be surprised at how quickly you can get there if you are shooting line on  the back cast!

Tight Lines and Loose Pants,