Estancia Del Zorro and Cinco Rios Lodge Fishing Report 2018

Fantastic week of fishing with the folks from Estancia Del Zorro and Cinco Rios Lodge. The trip could not have been better.  It was great to experience the 2 very different lodges and the fishing that each offered.

The Estancia was rustic yet welcoming. The kind staff was always there to take care of every need.  The food and wine were delicious. And of course, the fishing opportunity incredible. Landing those huge trout out of the tiny spring creeks was unbelievable fun!

The Cinco Rios Lodge was beautiful and more sophisticated. Beautiful views from the lodge windows and deck.  Once again, the staff was 5 stars!  Sebastian, our host, along with his entire staff made are stay unforgettable. Delicious food and wine in the lodge and streamside.

The guides at both lodges were top notch!  Professional and patient, with great personalities.  Put us into some awesome fishing opportunity everyday, in the most beautiful landscape imaginable!

The only thing that I would change is I would like to stay an entire week at each lodge!!

Valorie Taylor






The trip was a wonderful experience. Sebastian (the host) and all of his staff were extremely accommodating and fun to spend time with. They fish in places that are some of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been in my life. Thanks to IA for putting it.

Mike Taylor

When I would think of dream fly fishing destinations I would think of Patagonia.  I have always wanted to go to this region not only to see the picturesque scenery, but to catch big browns on a fly rod.  My family and I have one of those maps where you mark where you have been, where you want to go, and each picks a dream destination and puts a pin in it.  My dream destination pin has been firmly planted in Chile for several years.  Last year I talked my dad and my two older brothers into taking the adventure with me.  When I inquired about Patagonia at International Angler, Bob and his staff gave me information about Cinco Rios Lodge.  I did some quick research and instantly made plans to book the trip.  One long year later in January of 2018 we headed south to Patagonia.  With some short adventures on the way we ended up in Coyhaique, Chile and Cinco Rios Lodge.  The owner Sebastian picked us up at the airport and the top notch service never stopped until he dropped us off at the airport a week later (where he waited in line for an hour to ensure we got checked in to the flight ok).  The room accommodations, food, wine, etc were top notch and I could not have asked for anything else.  The staff service and amenities exceeded every expectation.  Sebastian and his staff seemed to think of just about everything and really made you feel at home.  The arrangements were very organized and well thought out.  Most importantly…the fishing.  It was nothing short of spectacular.  From small spring creek streams with monster browns to crystal clear blue lakes with hungry trout eating big beetles…they had it covered.  If you like to float, the Paloma River is about the most beautiful river I have ever seen.  If you went to the lake and didn’t catch a fish (and we caught plenty) you would be happy with the view.  The guides were friendly, patient, and knowledgeable.  I was an experienced fly fisherman, but my family had not done much fly fishing at all and they were given the attention they needed.  I had the best trip of my life (flyfishing or otherwise) and highly recommend this trip to anyone considering it.  I will be going back to Chile and Cinco Rios Lodge many times in the future.

Jeffrey Sybert