Fewer False Casts? Indeed!

The guys at Gink & Gasoline touched on a topic that I have in my head often.  I remember fishing with my friend Jeff and he kept telling me that I couldn’t catch fish if my line wasn’t in the water.  I have kept that mantra with me not only with respect to how quickly […]

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Dog Days of Summer…. Hidden Gems…. and Hanging with Good Friends

The dog days of summer are here.  For those of you that are die hard trout bums this is a tough time of year as even our spring creeks and tail waters are getting warmer than our trout would prefer.  I actually love this time of year for many reasons.  It is our final push […]

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If you…….. You Just Might be a Fishy Dude/Dudet

In the spirit of Jeff Foxworthy’s “You Just Might Be a Redneck” I was thinking about things that make you “Fishy”.   By no means is this the be all end all list but it was what was percolating in my brain. If you…….. Adorn everything from your car to your  boxes with stickers from […]

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Tarpon Porn!

So truthfully, I am not a huge fan of tournament style fishing.  With that in mind, there is some pretty cool footage from the keys an some awesome eats.  Makes me want to book a trip down to Florida…. Grab some key lime pie at the Lorelei…. and jump some poon!

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Presque Isle on the FLY!

Hopefully the last post bit a few of you with the warm water bug!  Here is a bit of fish porn from last weekend on Presque Isle.  Stop on up to the shop if you need some help.  Mark knows bass as well as anyone! Tight Lines and Loose Pants, Lee

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