Top 10 Tips to Staying Warm in Cold Weather Fishing Conditions

Ahhhhh…. This topic is near and dear to my heart as I am not one of those people that easily manage the cold.  My hands and feet tend to get brutally cold faster than most so I have really had to plan out my winter fishing days well.  With that in mind I thought it […]

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Top 10 Tips to Increase Your Great Lakes Steelhead Success!

Yes yes yes…. I know all of you Pacific Northwester’s are jumping out of your skin screaming that the great lakes fishery is not really steelhead and that if you don’t swing then you’re not really fishing and blah blah blah blah…..   I am sure there is a thread on The Drake forum to […]

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Yin…. Yang…. and Fly Fishing Kung Fu

I sat in my car…. wet, cold, shivering, smiling!  It had been raining on and off since last night.   The air was that cold heavy fall air that chills you all the way to your bones even though the temperature gauge would indicate otherwise.  I had been standing in a cold river since 6:30AM […]

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Deep Slow Moving Pools Next to the Parking Lot…. And other Recipes for Disaster

Well folks fall is upon us and so is steelhead season.  Before anyone rolls there eyes in mock (or actual) disgust with an “Oh no, here he goes again on another rant about crowds and combat fishing”  That is not what this is about!  I promise.  I took two days up on steelhead Alley on […]

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Fewer False Casts? Indeed!

The guys at Gink & Gasoline touched on a topic that I have in my head often.  I remember fishing with my friend Jeff and he kept telling me that I couldn’t catch fish if my line wasn’t in the water.  I have kept that mantra with me not only with respect to how quickly […]

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