Closing the Books on 2014… What Does 2015 Have in Store?

So 2014 was a pretty cool year in fly fishing.  The industry continues to develop specialized gear to match the every broadening pursuits of many fly fishers.  I can’t say we had any breakthrough technology or true watershed products come on the scene but we have seen the evolution and maturation of many.  The funny […]

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How to Prepare for a Change of Seasons…. Fall is Coming!

Sooner than you may think, the warm air of summer will begin to give way to the cool fall mornings and on into the bite of winter.  At times I have to laugh at myself as I begin my change of season.  Every year about this time, my wife starts to weed out her summer […]

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Long Live the Stripping Guard!

Stripping guard you say?  I can see the raised eyebrow from some… No, that is not the big burly guy standing outside of a gentleman’s club that keeps out the troublemakers.   For those of you that have spent much time fishing big streamers in the salt, spent the day chugging poppers for bass, or […]

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Seeing the World Through Incredibly Cool Rose… or Amber… or Yellow Colored Glasses

Probably the most overlooked and possible the most important piece of gear we carry is not a rod, reel, line, or fly.  If you are engaging in any kind of sight fishing the first piece of tactical gear we employ is our glasses.  Imagine that 12lb bonefish cruising under the light chop and you just […]

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Deploying Your Landing Gear

So I am on a flight today from Pittsburgh to Atlanta and as the plane took off I began thinking of landing gear. No, not the kind that just folded into the belly of the Boing… The kind we carry (or don’t carry) as we fish. To be brutally honest, I have a love/hate relationship […]

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