Beginners Fly Tying Class – Required Tools/Optional

International Angler

Beginners Fly Tying Class – Required Tools/Optional



  1. Fly Tying Vice – clamp or pedestal


  1. Scissors – small for general fly tying use


  1. Bobbin – a thread holder used to tie in materials


  1. Half Hitch Tool – used to secure thread


  1. Bodkin – needle type tool with handle for applying head cement and other uses – Dubbing Needle


  1. Whip Finisher Tool – used to secure the thread on the head of the fly when finished.

*Preferred tool – Matarelli type Whip Finisher*


  1. Thread  – 6/0 (70 denier) black and brown


  1. Head Cement – used to apply to fly head when finished and other uses. (optional)


  1. Hackle Pliers – small clamp tool to hold feathers


  1. Hair Stacker – Funnel device used to align hair


  1. Dubbing Brush – used to make shaggy bodies (optional)