Alaska Intricate Bay Lodge June 2015

Alaskan Rainbows on Dries

The International Angler hosted a June trip to Alaska at the newly constructed Intricate Bay Lodge on Lake Iliamna.  This location affords the fisherman the opportunity to experience a multitude of angling opportunities for various species of fish throughout the season.  We arrived at the Intricate Bay Lodge on Sunday to get settled into the new facility.  Traveling to the Intricate Bay requires a flight from Anchorage to Iliamna where we were met by the Lodge owner Brian from Oil City PA and our pilot Joe from Corry PA for the final flight to the lodge.  The final leg of the trip is by the lodge float planes which are also your mode of daily transportation for fly out fishing days.  The next 5 days fishing out of the Intricate Bay afforded us a variety locations on the famous Copper River for Rainbow Trout and some Dolly Varden.  There are other optional fishing locations such as The Moraine and the Gibraltar rivers just to name a couple.   There were recons done on the other rivers but the best fishing was to be had on the Copper so we fished there all week.  We did get to fish the upper middle and lower sections of the Copper River where the the upper and middle sections require a fly out and a float back to the takeout.  We had hot and sunny weather all week with temps in the mid 70s to low 80s which is very unusual for Alaska.  We found ourselves dressing as if we were fishing in the Bahamas for Bonefish and not the typical Alaska weather.  We also experienced about 16 hours of full daylight with sundown being at 11:30 PM which at that point it was just very dusky and not completely dark.  The Lodge is beautiful and has several amenities and comforts of an upper class resort.  The meals were created by Chef Kevin and were absolutely incredible to say the least.  The staff and guides were top notch and made all of us feel at home.  With 3 of the Lodge folks being from PA there was a lot of Steelhead and Little J discussions to keep it local.  The fishing was extremely good with dry fly activity all day long as well as swinging Dolly Llamas for those that chose that technique.  Needless to say the fish were very cooperative as they have a short feeding season and the salmon had not shown up yet.  I would highly recommend this Lodge if you were looking for an Alaskan fishing trip with all the comforts and culinary selections one could ask for.


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