Alaska 2016 Royal Coachman Lodge and the Copper River Lodge

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Alaska 2016
Alaska 2016


What a great trip. The accommodations were great; the staff and guides were some of the best and the food: OMG.

The fishing was out of sight, some days better than others, but hands down the good days were the best Rainbow Trout fishing I have ever experienced.

The first 3 days were at the Royal Coachman Lodge where, via float plane, we fished 2 different rivers and one day we fished the home river in front of the lodge. Two anglers and a guide to a boat.

After fishing on day 3, the plane took us to the Copper River Lodge where we fished the Copper River for 3 days. Three anglers and a guide per boat.

The Copper River Lodge is newly rebuilt and a very nice place.  Fish were caught using mostly eggs (beads) and streamers, floating and sinking tip lines and 6 and 7 wt rods are recommended.

Join us in 2017 for the split trip for the week of Sept 24-Oct 1. Cost $7300.00 per person.