Agua Boa Lodge Fishing Report January 27- February 3, 2018

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Fishing Report January 27- February 3, 2018

Greetings Peacock Fans and welcome back to the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Fishing Report. Nothing but great things to report this week after another banner seven days of fishing at the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge. Last weeks group took in all the fun that could be had here at the lodge, including another epic smattering of the different species of fish that the diverse Agua Boa River has to offer. Including Pirarucu, Dogfish, Traierea and Arowana, like the one posing here with famed angler Chris Carlisle. Right on Chris!

Every so often at the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Fishing Report we like to take the opportunity to thank all the wonderful booking agents’ worldwide that keep up busy throughout our six-month season. Last week’s group was put together by Tim Matlack of the International Angler in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Tim brought a group of Agua Boa veterans and first-time visitors. Thanks to the International Angler and if you happen to be in Pittsburgh stop by the shop and say hi to Bob, Tim and the crew. Enjoy a shot of veteran angler Stan Stein and another shot of one of fly fishing’s nicest guysAl Roy with a nice Peacock.

The Agua Boa River continued to be on a dropping trend over all of last week. Since we virtually received no rain last week, an isolated shower or two at best, the river dropped approximately 4 inches in total. Fortunately, the drop was minimal, so to date we still are able to access all of our zones and favorite lagoons. In addition to that, we have boats stashed in some of or walk-in lakes as well. The walk-in lakes are not only a great way to spend a few hours fishing, it is also a nice opportunity to get a nature walk in the Jungle.

Currently we continue to have a tremendous amount of sight fishing and the Peacock bite is great. The line of choice is still the intermediate line and it is a good idea to have a floating line available to take advantage of popper fishing opportunities!

Technical Tip: Hey there folks every now and then we like to pass on a little technical advice about gear, packing, flies or other tips. Well this week we have a pretty simple tip to pass on. If you are packing for a fishing trip in the Amazon you should throw into your duffel at least one pair of light weight fishing pants. It is a good way to keep the sun off your legs and to make sure the no-see-ums don’t chow your legs.

Thanks again to last weeks group for making it down to see us here at the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge, we look forward to seeing you here again sometime in the future. Also thank you to all of the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Report’s loyal readers. We really appreciate your taking the time to follow or report.

Fish On!

Carlos and Charlie